Pinnacle Studio Information

Independent Support

Corel Knowledge Base

Find it HERE

This should be your first port of call for anyStudio related questions.

Official Avid Studio Community Forum

Find it HERE

When You can’t find what you are looking in the Knowledge Base, try asking a question on the official Forum. You will need to register to post, but you can search the forum first to see if anyone has already asked a similar question.

Declic Video

Find it HERE

The Declic site has been serving the Pinnacle user community for many years now. It contains a wealth of knowledge, tutorials and downloads. The site is bi-lingual - French and English.

YouTube Tutorials - Pinnacle Studio Pro

Find it HERE

If you like learning with video tutorials, have worked your way through the official Avid ones and even the Complete Training DVD and still not found the one you need, this YouTube Channel has a growing number of tutorials, features and reviews.

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